SP23 SUNDAY Takeover

SP23 SUNDAY Takeover



SP23 is a creative collective of musicians, DJs and artists. The origins of the collaboration goes back over twenty years when the crew began a nomadic journey across Europe and beyond with the Spiral Tribe Sound System.

Today SP23 moves from strength to strength, playing packed houses all over Europe and working on a vivid spectrum of creative projects.

A little history…

In 1990 Spiral Tribe staged all-night unlicensed dance events in London. This was at a time when the government were enforcing legislation to eradicate the free festival and rave movements from Britain. The Spirals quickly got a reputation for their no-compromise policy of keeping the free spirit of music alive and Kicking.

Playing out in the wilds, under the stars, Spiral Tribe became a symbol of resistance to the old hierarchies of oppression and exploitation.

Though several of the Spirals were arrested on charges of conspiring to organize the Castlemorton Common free festival, the sound system escaped into mainland Europe. There, the ever-growing convoy of ex-military trucks continued to drum up a huge underground following culminating in the founding of the world-wide Teknival movement.

Throughout various operations including a mobile recording studio and music distribution service, and a landmark collaboration with the Mutoid Waste Company, they were responsible for inspiring generations of autonomous creators from all walks of life within Europe and across the world.

Many of today’s mainstream artists and producers have their roots firmly set in the underground free party scene: the biggest cultural explosion since the Hippie and Punk movements of the 20th century

Introducing some of the artists…

69DB, with more than a hundred releases, is a live musician through and through, embraces traditions as diverse as freeform jazz, dub, house, funk, hard tek and raw tribal rhythms. Switching up into style after style and collaboration after collaboration, he has consistently set new standards of live performance.

Meltdown Mickey’s deep, funky sound has gained him international recognition over the past 20 years. Today, he brings a depth of soul to the mix that is both fresh and eternal. He was also a key player in pushing boundaries ever further and was at the head of the convoy of tank transporters hauling decommissioned Mig fighter jets out of Berlin to make the first inroads into the Czech Republic.

Max Volume was born in Berlin on the road with Spiral Tribe, Max Volume attended his first rave at 2 weeks old. Immersed within sound system culture from his first breath, he honed his musical instincts as a teenager and developed a natural flair for performance and production alike. He swiftly made a name for himself with his energy, technical skill, showmanship and infectious groove, and with a trail of packed dance floors in his wake, he began to play regularly at SP23 events.