Recently, rumour has it that a mythical beast has been seen around these parts, a giant, colossal figure lurking in the shadows. He’s not here for admiration or respect, he doesn’t care about demographics or sales and he certainly has no interest in walking any path or bridging any gaps, but rest assured, he is most definitely here to shake things up.

Now, this all sounds a bit far fetched, doesn’t it ?

Well it does until you’re actually face to face with the beast himself, I’m referring to none other than up and coming DJ/producer Smyla.

If you haven’t heard of Smyla and you’re into the dark side of DnB you might as well be living under a rock. While seemingly quiet lately, Smyla has been locked in his studio preparing a monster of a release that presents you with a full spectrum picture of just how versatile his sounds can be. From halftime vibes, to minimalist beats, to amen killers, this DJ brings it all!