Skitzaph0nic – with the meaning to split music in two. Exploring the duality so intrinsic to our existence - light, dark; good, evil; happiness, sadness.

As a producer, Skitzaph0nic has two main styles, which he calls Hardcore-Expressionism and Jungle-Surrealism. Hardcore-Expressionism takes the rhythms of hardcore, crossbreed and breakcore music, then combines them with an emotive, melodic twist. Jungle-Surrealism expands upon and adds a surrealistic element to the rhythms of jungle, drum & bass and IDM.

As a performer, his sets are a mixture of DJing, live beat triggering/finger drumming, live synthesis and re-edits. Never planned, always improvised; this approach is taken in order to create a Vulcan mind meld between himself and the audience, who develop the experience together.