Ronin is a London-based audio/visual artist, underground media magnate, catalyst for hire and general trouble-maker. His musical tastes range across the board and this is reflected in his own output that artfully blends sounds, rhythms and emotions from a number of different genres into one fierce melting pot which never fails to blaze a trail across the dancefloor.

He was a founding member of Headfuk sound system and has been producing tracks and livesets since 1998 - playing everywhere and nowhere, to everyone and no-one. With many varied sets under his belt this is an artist who is guaranteed to surprise – with heaviness, high production values and a firm focus on the audience being a certainty.

More recently he has moved into visual work as well, doing audio-visual live sets, stage design, video mapping and VJing. Further strings in his bow include teaching music production for a living and DJing 8 hour sets when no one else can muster the energy.