R-Zac were inspired by a Moebius comic of the same name. They gave their first underground concert in a secret bunker right below the main axe of the ‘Love Parade’ in Berlin whilst it was in full swing. The next years were spent developing and refining what would later come to be known as ‘HardTek’.

Crystal Distortion, with over 80 single releases, 4 albums, numerous sample packs and custom sound design projects behind him, is perhaps best known for his improvised live sets. Systematically sidestepping categorization with flashes of controlled chaos and alchemical spins on stylistic orthodoxy, his sets balance pulsating energy with the surreal.

69DB, with more than a hundred releases, is a live musician through and through, embraces traditions as diverse as freeform jazz, dub, house, funk, hard tek and raw tribal rhythms. Switching up into style after style and collaboration after collaboration, he has consistently set new standards of live performance.