Phuture-T has been doing the rounds on numerous events with his energetic Jungle minded DJ sets throughout Holland, Germany and the UK.

The last couple of years Phuture-T has been most devoted on the production tip with his signature (drum)funk sound merged with dubby influences.

Affiliated with labels like Criterion Records, Next Phase Recordings and Scientific Wax, he continues to push boundaries in Drum and Bass music.

Tracks like 'Amazon Basin' on Alphacut Records, 'Ominous Maze' on Pinecone Moonshine, 'The Fugitive Drummer' on Inperspective Records and 'Stand Firm' on Eastern Promise Audio are fine examples which reflect his musical influences: Dub, Funk and Jazz.

Phuture-T is also co-owner of Eastern Promise Audio. The label, established in 2011 is featuring in-house artists like Rumbleton, Double O, Greenleaf, martianMan, Earl Grey and Infest. Taking you on a journey into the deeper, darker side of Drum and Bass music.