Petrol Girls

Petrol Girls


Petrol Girls are named after Pétroleuses, mythical women of the Paris commune who allegedly set fire to private property with Molotov cocktails made from milk bottles, and rejected traditional gender roles.

The band first played in 2012 for a house show to celebrate International Women's Day. This feminist context was essential for the bands formation as within the wider music community at the time there was very little to encourage female participation.

Liepa had never played bass before and played the first show after only two practices. A good friend, innovative guitarist Joe York, saw potential in the band and joined shortly after. Petrol Girls started gigging with a variety of different drummers until meeting Zock (who also fronts Austrian punk band Astpai) and cementing their line up. In February 2016 the band signed to Bomber Music and released “Some Thing” - the 7” sold out almost immediately. In May they recorded the debut album Talk Of Violence. Following the recording, the band moved out of London to concentrate on music full time and are now based mostly in Graz, Austria, where rooms are dry, warm, half the rent and double the size.

Sometimes desperate and always defiant, the music combines manic jagged rhythms with vocals that range from furious screaming to intricate melodies and harmonies. Drawing direct influence from Refused, White Lung, Bikini Kill, Fugazi, RVIVR, Propagandhi, At The Drive-In and War On Women, Petrol Girls have sculpted a sound and a performance that is not only explosive, but also highly detailed and raucous.