Her music combines serious kick bass with amen breaks. Mashing the

love of Tekno and Jungle into one massive sound. Invoking a nostalgic

feeling on the dance floor with such classic sample selection. She always

seems to hit the nail on the head when you are waiting for that one tune or

set to take you out of your mind for one second, dancing in a perfect kick

bass alternate universe. Well if you are there Mandi is on the decks


Named The Jungletek Queen by her fans, Mandidextrous is truly an

inspirational producer and performer. The real driving force

behind Amen4tekno with all the creative ideas behind the label and the

sound. A pioneer in the genre of Jungletek she is a delight to watch on the

decks with full throttle energy from start to finish. With an infectious

passion for music Mandi has become a well known and followed

producer. Not only by music lovers but fellow producers thus forming the

Jungletek Mafia. Possessing the power to make dance floors kick off you

will rarely find a seated person in the house when Mandi drops her tracks.

Over the years Mandi has managed to balance her personal ups and

downs with transgender life and focused on putting her emotions into

her music. Connecting on all levels to the music and with the listeners.

With real fire in her gut and drive in her heart Mandi is leading the

Jungletek Mafia to bigger and badder dance floors around the world.