Los Dueños

Los Dueños


Hailing from the west Luxembourg - Los Duenos is a Reggae / Ska Band founded back in 2010. Emerging from the ashes of different bands with various genres such as Punk, Metal, Jazz, Rap and Hip Hop; they managed to create an ultimate sound for their followers.

Los Duenos are especially interesting for listeners of the likes such as Ska-P, Danakil, The Skints, Jaya The Cat, Irié Révoltés. Their genre can be defined as Reggae, Ska influenced by punk rock and rap elements. The band consists in two brothers, one the drummer the other the key-boarder stemming from a rather jazzy/rock background, along with a bass player coming from a metal background, two guitarists coming from a rather punk / reggae scene and finally two main vocalists coming from a rather Hardcore Punk, as well as Rap and Hip Hop background.

Originally starting off as Los Duenos Del Ska with spanish lead-vocalist Diego Fernandez, they would soon reform and continue as Los Duenos, after having various internal differences between the lead singer and the rest of the band. That’s when French rapper Dany Le Loup joined in and took on the role of their main vocalist. Their Lyrics are mostly written in French and English, focusing on political, as well as social issues in our modern society.