Jus Now

Jus Now


“It’s about that late night delirium, when your main brain turns off. You start to bounce off each other. Switching off the rigidity of communication. That night time zone when you’re just loose and you rock out! You know it’s right when you find the sun’s coming up and you’re jumping round the studio to the track you’ve just made. You’re laughing and laughing and you just don’t want it to end!”

Just about every significant event in Jus Now’s existence has taken place at a party, or in its aftermath. Not to say Interface and LazaBeam are facile party dudes, mind: far from it, the duo are smart and engaging company with easy charm and encyclopaedic knowledge of endless subjects. But their lives, their music, everything, have wild and riotous socialising woven deep into them.

Maybe that shouldn’t be a surprise though, given that the two partners in the project – though in some senses from incredibly different backgrounds – each grew up in the shadow of one of the biggest parties on the planet. For LazaBeam it was the vast and rambunctious Trinidad Carnival, and for Interface it was the one and only Glastonbury Festival. The story of how these stupendous bacchanals schooled the young men, and how their influence combined when the two met, is all the explanation you need of Jus Now’s sound.