Junior Bill

Junior Bill

Wild West

Junior Bill's unique, astute voice is to be cherished in an age where people are crying out for a band with something to say and a unique way of saying it. They are masters of Reggae and Dub but their global sound nods also to Punk, Skiffle, Rock n Roll, Bossa Nova, Drum and Bass, Portuguese Hip Hop, Welsh Folk, Peruvian Chicha and more. All this is carried off with such life-affirming vitality, intelligent songwriting, stagecraft, sheer tightness and musicianship that they may leave you astounded and feeling as though the world is a smaller place than it once was.

Although primarily a four-piece, they have weapons in reserve - Portuguese rapper and super sub 'L-Hyo' lights up the second half of their swashbuckling set and soundboy Ed Townend paints their music with luscious strokes of King Tubby-eqsue dub effects, sirens and samples from front of house.

A refreshing wit and empathy cuts through their unconceited Cardiff-centric lyrics that sing of the forgotten people of a rapidly changing city. The world of Junior Bill is a world where cut-and-paste shopping centres are erected whilst youth centres (like the one they rehearse and record in) are taken away, ethnic communities are silently ghettoised, conflicted local lads fight for ISIS and a gang of fictional rats plot to blow up the Mermaid Quay - but we'll all skank ourselves stupid to them on a Saturday night.

"Everybody's talking about Junior Bill... a genuine grassroots feel, instantly" - Tom Robinson (BBC 6Music)