Jamie Berry

Jamie Berry


Originally from Lincolnshire, Jamie Berry has found a musical home for the past six years in Leeds; with his main focus on honing 20s and 30s swing influences into House, Breaks and 2-Step genres. Jamie Berry is recognized for his musical couplet of shuffling modern beats and vintage swing sounds.

His idiosyncratic sound piques your interest while his heavier wobble bass pushes things up a gear or two, continuously drawing people back to his music. In only five short years, Jamie has made himself a popular name on this circuit, boasting home-grown tours in the UK and around the world, including regular dates in Germany, France, Belgium, Switzerland, and Austria, and tours in Australia and Canada.

Signed to independent record label Flak Records since 2011, Jamie has since released a small but respectable selection of EPs and singles including ‘Delight’, which, currently records over 2 million Spotify Streams, 15,000 sales and over 100 million combined plays on YouTube.

Jamie’s impressive success is pushing him to aim higher as he now begins collaboration with a number of interesting musicians and singers. 2017 is surely set to be an amazing year for Jamie Berry as he releases his debut album with Flak Records in the summer.