Barrio Loco

At the time of press, the Gardna X Kreed EP has just dropped and the biggest single - My Show - is the sound system banger of the Summer. Releases are concentrated on his label - Boom Sound Recordings - where he works with a variety of producers, including Ed West, Nick Manasseh, Dub Boy and the new man in town, Kreed, an unmistakeable producer who is set for big things. Their track ‘Sunday’ has been widely regarded as Gardna’s best single yet and Kiko Bun touted it as his favourite new track on Radio 1.

Gardna's unique flare has sparked off collaborations with many top end producers and vocalists including the forthcoming Nextmen / Gentlemans Dub Club collaboration which is sounding heavy. He writes sharp, conscious lyrics with an infectious, melodic flow, whilst his music is a combination of styles influenced by the Bristol sound and many of its strains.

To develop a simple MC style into a full live show has taken a lot of strength and commitment. Direct help and support comes from partners in crime; Kreed, Ed West, Eva Lazarus, Dreadsquad, The Nextmen, Tiffani Juno - the list keeps growing and the melting pot is always simmering.

Gardna has been embraced across the UK Bass scene and the European Sound System circuit as an artist with a fresh approach to promoting a positive message whilst shelling down the party.

Aside from his ambitions as a songwriter and solo performer, Gardna also takes to the stage as host for headline DJ sets being a favourite for Aries, Kelvin 373, Jinx in Dub and ASBO Disco.

As the temperature rises, more and more opportunities are opening up with many collaborations in the pipeline so the sky is the limit for the Bristol underground's most talented new school Dubwise MC.