Extra Medium

Extra Medium


Extra Medium is a Bristol based producer that has been taking on board the influences of Bristols unique underground music scene and fusing it with Electro Swing. Taking his passion for deep hard hitting bass, garage, glitch hop and funk and blending it all together.

His take on a very British bass sound and swing era jazz ditties leaves you in state of trying to skank out a charleston whilst pulling a bad ass bass face.

Extra Medium’s sizeable approach to producing and DJing has earnt him the place rubbing elbows with some true greats such of the likes of Chinese Man and The Correspondents. And his past release on the mighty Scour Records “Size Up” has earnt him the overall top spot in the Juno Download charts 2015! With his latest release for 2017 “Size Matters” set to do much of the same whilst putting you in a Jazz trance.