DJ Vadim

DJ Vadim


There are some artists who make 1 album and disappear. There are others who literally don’t stop in the studio or on the roadg. There is being prolific, and there are people who actually seap music through their pores. Well DJ vadim, aka Daddy Vad has definitely planted his feet firmly in the second camp.

For a pedigree artist with such a long musical history, it would be easy to sit in cruise control, knock out music by numbers, or just re hash earlier works and become some what irrelevant and passed his ‘sell by date’. Similarly it would be easy to just work with the ‘stars’ of the day and ‘buy fame’ but again this isn’t Vadim.

When joining the dots of his music, one can hear that musical evolution is the key. A work in progress. Starting from a foundation in instrumental hiphop, vadim has combined reggae, dancehall, bass culture, latin, rap, world sounds…. all with a touch of soul. Vadim doesn't buy or rely on famous features. He nurtures and creates new talents and new sounds.

Improving with age is not limited to fine wine or whisky!