Part of the Batov Records Takeover.

Raw spontaneity infused with electricity, beats and lush orchestration. With flashes of Captain Beefheart, Tom Waits and Professor Longhair alongside touches of 70’s funk, dancehall and British eccentricity, it’s clear there is much influence from the West in their music, but it’s evident that their main influences still hark to the shifting sands of the East.

Initially formed as a Balkan recital outfit playing acoustic music to seated audiences. Very quickly the audiences began to stand up and the show times moved from 3pm to 3am. Sweating it out on the oom-pah music circuit became the norm, and after many years Chavo felt a desire for change. They waved goodbye to the traditional material (often sung in Roma or Serbian) and crafted an album of original songs in their home tongue - English. A change in line-up and instrumentation also followed as they caught up with the technology of the 1970’s. What appears to have distilled from this epic journey is both imaginative and intriguing. A percussion heavy, mandolin infused, vintage keys indie band with seductive female bv’s, pounding bass lines, 4-foor dance rhythms and harmonic discord - a firm footing in the west with a nod to the east.