Blaggers ITA

Blaggers ITA


Blaggers ITA caused a storm in the early 1990s with their uncompromising anti-fascist stance, and a unique mix of streetpunk with rave culture. Gigs were noisy and tight as fuck, but frequently chaotic and occasionally violent as the far right (unsuccessfully) sought to flex their muscles. As the NME said of the band’s live shows “Blaggers don’t just turn heads – they damn near blow them off”.

Indie chart top 5 albums (including the classic ‘United Colors’) were followed by some commercial success with three singles hitting the national Top 50 in 1993.

The band split in the mid 90s but sporadically reform to play just 1 or 2 gigs a year. Boomtown is the band's only UK appearance of 2017.

In the age of Trump, the age of Farage, the age of LePen, the Blaggers’ brand of radical opposition is needed more than ever.