Alice Francis

Alice Francis


Although well known as one of Electro Swing's biggest stars, in recent times Alice Francis and her band have skillfully avoided all usual genre definitions.

During their numerous worldwide travels, the global music diplomats have brought lots of exotic and unusual instruments; this has resulted in changing the range of musical influences. You find traces and elements of Blues, swing, pop, House, ragga and yes, even classical music, but whether as a roaring 20’s vamp, soothing melange of Kelis and Missy Elliott or as an expert in quiet tones - it's quite apparent that Miss Francis is blessed with multiple vocal talents and a phenomenal voice.

Their passion for the culture of the 1920 & 30s still shines through, nevertheless Alice Francis and her band have absolutely no interest in a resurgence of bygone times. They care only for the fact that what still swings today simply does not fall into oblivion.