Alfresco Disco

Alfresco Disco

Barrio Loco

“Secret location adventurers, searchers and finders of never before used spaces; promoters of the unfound”.

For the last Decade, Alfresco Disco have been throwing some the most imaginative and talked about parties in the UK and beyond.

Unearthing secret and never used before party locations, building bespoke themed décor and programming the most forward thinking surprise line-ups are their speciality. From free parties in forests under moonlight, to 3k capacity warehouse daytime raves, to Intimate boat trips to exotic locations, the Alfresco Disco legend continues to grow apace.

In recent times, their DJ sets are gaining much notoriety, drawing from a wealth of the finest rave experience and covering a broad musical ground that never fails to set a free party, club or festival stage in rapture.